Coaching Pass & Team Entry

Coaching Passes

Due to COVID gathering restrictions, one [1] coach per lifter will be allowed in the warm-up room.  Coaches must have a current USA Powerlifting Membership and coaching pass to enter the warm-up room.  We recommend the athlete purchase the coach pass as it is transferable in the event you change coaches after purchasing the pass.   

The coach pass will grant you access to only one session.  

PURCHASE COACHING PASS  Please verify your purchase for the correct Day and Session, passes are non-refundable.

Teams who have entered will receive one [1] coaching pass valid for all sessions for that specific team (ie, Raw Open Men’s team will be granted entry for both men’s raw open sessions).  This pass is in addition to the one coach per lifter restriction and is transferable to any coach representing the team.  The registered Team Captain will be responsible for picking up the pass at registration. 


Once you have your coaching pass purchased, within the email you can assign the coach’s name to the pass. 

  1.  ‘First Name’ field, enter their full name.  
  2.  ‘Last Name’ field, enter their USA Powerlifting Membership #.  

(These fields can be changed or edited at any time by going back to your original email.)

Each athlete will then register their coach using the confirmation number on the coach’s pass (#1 in screenshot below) in the Athlete Change Form.


  1. Confirmation number (number to enter into your Athlete Change form)
  2. Session
  3. Coach’s Name & Membership #

You may also use the ‘Selfie’ feature of the tickets shown here:

Reminder – Only 1 coach pass may be purchased per lifter.  If an athlete has more than one coach pass purchased, they will not be allowed access to the warm-up room and will not be refunded.  

We will be having a dedicated spotting crew in the warm-up room to help with loading and spotting.

Please respect the one coach per athlete requirement due to COVID.